Focusing on Pioneering Designers

The use of the computer combined with different media

The computer opens many doors for design, at the same time the human element should not be underestimated.
Personally I find it easier to form ideas with a pencil on paper and later  perfect it on the computer.
developing ideas directly on the computer becomes kind of mechanical an lacks the flow one often gets by drawing on a piece of paper.
However once the main idea is in place and I start evolving it on the computer, It proves essential to use computer software to get the symmetry and alignment right and it allows you to experiment more with colours, layout, typefaces and properties of the total artwork.
Computer software also makes it a whole lot easier to translate work from digital to print and different platforms and surfaces.
This is why i think evolving ideas and doing elaborate sketches is important to get a definite direction on where a project should go.
Computer software allows the main idea to be experimented on, perfected and translated to different media.
Computers and the swiss international school.
The swiss international style of design would benefit a lot from the applications that modern computer software allows the designer to engage in.
Since the swiss style has a lot of symmetry based on grids, layout, text and images. computers should benefit this style greatly as it makes it several times easier to set up mathematical grids and simplify images to geometric forms.


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