Illustrator/Graphic artist from Oslo Norway.

Available for work.

selfportrait. ink spatter

After several years of not being satisfied with my occupation I finally descided to follow my passion of art and design and make my avocation to a full-time occupation.

I have roots from Norway, Brazil and street art. My work is inspired by my background and the historic and contemporary directions of art and graphic design.

I was educated as a graphic designer at Noroff Creative College.
Previously studied history at University of Oslo and journalism.

I’ve always been a creative person my entire life whether sketching, painting or through sports, I always hold on to the desire to create something unique that can capture interest. I became a Graphic Designer to allow me to become a visual storyteller that can use any medium or media.

My design philosophy is about combining three things: creativity, consistency and context.

Software knowledge : Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, AfterEffects, Dreamweaver, Flash

Skills/experience: Illustration, photo manipulation, digital art, logo & branding, Print production design, Poster design, cover art

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