Mary Jane pin up Tshirt

Ghostbusters T-shirt Print

Audun Sandaker

Ghostbuster-Back to the future mashup- Ghostbuster-Back to the future mashup-


Comisson T-shirt design.

Only instruction given was to make a mash-up of two iconic 80’s movies.

Doc and Morty dressed up as ghostbusters with marshmellow man and delorean.

Vector art created in Illustrator. Used a pyramid type design for the composition and as few colors as possible without loosing imagery to make it easily printable.

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Poster & cover for espionage novel

ActOFrESThe theme of the Novel is Espionage-Military.

The Client wished to have a range from concept art, to full detail illustration, and photo manipulation of images.
Using themes similar to «Call of Duty» and «Battle Field» (Games)

The Novel is about a Black Ops agent that goes rogue and an opposing agent is sent to stop him.

Back to basics

IMG_1923 IMG_1921 IMG_1922 IMG_1920IMG_2048

Latley I have been finding myself working way too much directly on the computer.

Descided to take som time and do some rough pencil sketches just to get the feeling of drawing on paper again.

I think its important not to forget about the basics as this helps a lot when vectorizing and digitilizing artwork later.

I find that when sketching and creating artwork directly on photoshop or illustrator it is easy to suddenly get very mechanical and loose flow when drawing.

It’s been a while since I put time with pencil and paper and found that I was really out of practise and had to consentrate more than before to get things as as I imagined.