Movie Poster

Poster for the award winning Norwegian short film «Magnus, a spring day» by Munin film.

Film is a video diary perspective from the life of a heroin user in Oslo.

Magnus Lilleberg takes you on a intimate journey into his everyday life as a heroin addict in the capital of Norway. He films himself with his hand-held camera and he describes a tough reality without demanding compassion in return.

Poster was created using a mixture of photo manipulation and digital painting in Photoshop.

Font for the Title «Magnus» is created from Magnus Lillebergs own handwritten signature.

The buildings depicted on the poster are taken from areas in Oslo were Magnus and other addicts usually meet.

First rough sketch of Magnus in Oslo

alternative with clean background

Spring color palette


Cover art For Nico D mix-tape


Nico D is a french/norwegian reggae artist based in Oslo Norway.

I wanted to make a cover that represented the mix-tape and his background.

The layout shows 4 turntables that feed into a mixtape at the bottom. On the top 2 turntables there are 2 icons depicted to represent the artists roots. The holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo and the eifel tower in paris.

The overall layout builds on text over the portrait that resembles a crown and design elements around the portrait that are influenced by africa, reggae and music in general.

NicoMix2 Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 13.32.41 vector artwork in illustrator

Mix tape coverart

Mix tape coverart

Mixtape cover alt version

Mixtape cover alt version

After sketching I layed out the design in illustrator.

Finally I did the finnishing touches in photoshop to give the artwork a worn down/rusty look.


Applying Philosophy to Design

SlavePoster  A Poster for a humanitarian cause.
 Poster to create awareness against human trafficking.
The Poster is inspired by propaganda posters from the modernist era put in a contemporary context.

Ghostbusters T-shirt Print


Ghostbuster-Back to the future mashup-

Ghostbuster-Back to the future mashup-




Commission T-shirt design.

Only instruction given was to make a mash-up of two iconic 80’s movies.

Doc and Morty dressed up as ghostbusters with marshmallow man and the Delorean.

Vector art created in Illustrator. Used a pyramid type design for the composition and as few colors as possible without loosing imagery to make it easily printable.








Wonder woman vs Trump illustration

Digital painting of a heroine taking down the Donald


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