Cover art For Nico D mix-tape


Nico D is a french/norwegian reggae artist based in Oslo Norway.

I wanted to make a cover that represented the mix-tape and his background.

The layout shows 4 turntables that feed into a mixtape at the bottom. On the top 2 turntables there are 2 icons depicted to represent the artists roots. The holmenkollen ski jump in Oslo and the eifel tower in paris.

The overall layout builds on text over the portrait that resembles a crown and design elements around the portrait that are influenced by africa, reggae and music in general.

NicoMix2 Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 13.32.41 vector artwork in illustrator

Mix tape coverart

Mix tape coverart

Mixtape cover alt version

Mixtape cover alt version

After sketching I layed out the design in illustrator.

Finally I did the finnishing touches in photoshop to give the artwork a worn down/rusty look.


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